AppFusion to Fail due to File Type and Extension Mismatch

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File types and file extension mismatch

If graphic file types within an app binary are named with incorrect extensions, AppFusion will fail (displaying an error code).  

Here's why: 

The AppFusion platform performs an integrity scan of each app to protect the system and users.  An app with a file type to file extension mismatch is interpreted as suspicious by the integrity check.  By design, a suspicious application package will not fuse. 

To solve this issue:

Simply change the file extensions to match the actual file types used by the app.  For example, if the file type is a .png, but it is named with a file extension of .jpg, it will be a mismatch.  Simply change the file extension to .png to remove the mismatch.  Once you rename the file extensions to match the actual file type, you can upload a new binary, and complete the Fusion. 

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