Using AppFusion to Integrate Mobile SDKs

AppFusion Extends SDKs all the way to app binaries and lets anyone complete the integration work 

What is a mobile SDK?

A mobile service SDK (software development kit) is a set of software development tools that are designed to make it easier for mobile developers to integrate mobile services into their applications at the source code level. An SDK will typically include APIs, can include debugging tools and often provide code samples and detailed documentation to assist with implementation and development at the source code level.

 SDKs are typically specific to a particular vendor.  A vendor may provide more than one SDK, each covering a specific mobile service.  Each SDK is likely to have several variants for different operating systems (iOS, Android and Windows), programming languages, and development frameworks (Xamarin, Kony, SAP, Cordova, Ionic, etc.).  In short, complexity can be a challenge, even for the same mobile service.
To provide the integrations that enterprise customers demand, a single mobile app may need to be integrated with the same mobile service from different vendors.  Each vendor will provide its own set of SDKs for the mobile developer to implement. Each implementation will require the developer to create a new version of the app, specific to that SDK. For a mobile developer, integrating a single SDK at the source code level can be a lot of work. Imagine having to integrate multiple SDKs across versions, frameworks, operating systems and the like.  

The case for using AppFusion to integrate a mobile SDK

AppFusion eliminates the need to implement the SDK in source code. Fusing also allows an SDK to be implemented by anyone with access to the app binary and the AppFusion platform. 

AppFusion increases and extend the value of mobile SDKs.  AppFusion makes a mobile SDK much more accessible because, using AppFusion, it can be combined directly to app binaries. AppFusion requires no coding or source code access.  As a result, AppFusion removes platform and framework dependencies, saves time and enables mobile organizations to utilize scarce mobile development resources optimally.  Citizen mobile integrators can implement mobile SDKs.
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