Choosing Appdome's EXTEND Account

Collaborative Workspace and Productivity Tools for Mobile Integration

Appdome EXTEND is the entry-level paid account.  With EXTEND, users get extended access to the AppFusion Platform including unlimited Fusion Sets and more workflow features that increase the productivity in completing your mobile app integration projects. FusionGRAVITYTM allows a user to fuse multiple different services to a single app binary all at once. FusionBLASTTM enables users to complete several mobile integration projects at once, fusing any Fusion Set to multiple mobile apps simultaneously.  The speed and time-savings associated with completing mobile integration projects in bulk is absolutely astonishing.  
When you create an EXTEND account, you get full production access to commercially developed mobile SDKs.  Commercially developed mobile SDKs are available through our Fusion Catalogue in any of the following service categories: Security, Mobile Management, Analytics, Engagement, and more to come. EXTEND also gives users access to commercial app (ISV) binaries.  By making commercial app binaries available on the AppFusion platform, users can fuse services and functions to ISV apps in order to meet the requirements of mobile enterprise deployments.  EXTEND includes up to three admin users, multi-channel support and response SLAs. There is no minimum qualification for this account type.

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