SecureApp Recommendations from Appdome

How to make mobile apps safer

When you first upload an Android .apk or iOS .ipa app binary to Appdome’s AppFusion Platform the app is automatically analyzed to ensure that its composition and structure are valid, and have not been tampered with.  This step ensures protection for all of our users.  In addition, the scan extracts the bundle identifier, version, name and icon so that we can list your app in your App Library.  The scan also extracts all the strings and permissions of the application you uploaded, and performs heuristic analysis in order to provide suggestions to you.  These suggestions are called SecureApp Recommendations, and are designed to allow you greater choice in applying security improvements to your app. 

SecureApp Recommendations are completely optional.  As always, with AppFusion you are in the driver’s seat and have full control to add the services that improve your app. Once you have selected the specific security configurations from the SecureApp Recommendations, you can save them to a fusion set.  Using a fusion set, you can apply the configurations to any app in your App Library.  

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