Building Fusion Sets on the AppFusion Platform

Bundle Mobile Services and Selections to Speed Integration Projects


Appdome's Fusions Sets are a powerful, codeless, mobile integration productivity tool available only on the AppFusion Platform. Fusion Sets are configuration templates created, named and saved by the user as part of the Mobile Integration Workflow.

Users can create multiple Fusion Sets, each containing a specific combination of features.  Each Fusion Set can serve a distinct departmental, functional or organizational demand. For example, you might create one Fusion Set for HR (which requires data at rest encryption, and copy/paste protection), but a different Fusion Set for the Sales organization (that doesn’t require copy/paste protection).  The possibilities of combinations are endless.

To keep track of and effectively utilize Fusion Sets, you can save them, assign unique names, and re-use or share them with other administrators on the AppFusion platform. Fusion Sets can be applied in combination with other productivity tools on the platform, such as the “bulk” fusion tools FusionBLASTTM and FusionGRAVITYTM. Fusion Sets save time and effort, speed up mobile integration projects, and make the entire mobile development process more efficient.  Fusion Sets can also be used to standardize app security or other policies and apply them consistently across all apps in the mobile enterprise.

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