Appdome's Mobile Integration Workflow

Step-by-Step Codeless Mobile Integration


The Mobile Integration Workflow is AppDome's proprietary workflow that sits at the core of how we automate mobile integration projects.  The Mobile Integration Workflow is part of the AppFusion Platform.  It is a stateful process that allows multiple mobile integration projects to be completed in parallel, leveraging a variety of productivity and collaboration tools.  Individuals or teams can use the Mobile Integration Workflow, allowing organizational audibility, traceability and accountability in completing mobile integration projects.

Through the Mobile Integration Workflow, users get one place to create and complete all their mobile integration projects. Through the Mobile Integration Workflow users can upload any number and type of app, create Fusion Sets, and complete mobile integration projects through five easy to follow steps.

  • Step 1: Upload, where the user uploads an app binary
  • Step 2: Fuse, where the user selects the mobile services to fuse to each app    
  • Step 3: Sign, where the user signs app the fused app
  • Step 4: Deploy, where the user deploys the app through industry standard distribution channels 
  • Step 5: View, where the user gets access to integrated dashboards and view usage statistics for fused apps 

The entire Mobile Integration Workflow is unique to each user and is completely stateful. This means that the AppFusion Platform remembers each user, including what each user performs and where each user leaves off. The benefit of this aspect of the mobile integration workflow is that users need not complete their work in one session.  Instead, users can return to their integration project at any point in the workflow and at any time. This adds a tremendous flexibility and convenience to the mobile developer and mobile professional in completing mobile integration projects. The Mobile Integration Workflow also lets you store and/or retrieve your app binaries directly from AppDome and reset configuration settings on the fly, for fast and efficient distribution, re-deployment of apps.

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