Delegated Integration Workflow Management - Coming Soon!

Collaboration Features to Aid Cross-functional Teams in Completing Mobile Integration Projects

Appdome's Delegated Integration Workflow Management system is a flexible mobile integration collaboration tool that enables admin users of the AppFusion Platform to delegate segments of the Mobile Integration Workflow to other users, either for a defined period of time or for a specific functional decision point. 
Most mobile projects are highly cross functional by nature.  This feature enables mobile organizations to work cross-functionally without any one group losing the control that they need to do their jobs effectively.  It also helps to inject a healthy dose of accountability and traceability into the equation, which should foster increased collaboration often required to execute on mobile integrations in the most efficent manner possible.  
For example, if you are the overall mobility group leader, you might delegate sections of your approved Fusion Sets to other member of your team or to experts on other teams (e.g. for security, mobile management, or engagement decisions). This gives users and their enterprises the auditability, accountability, and traceability required for their mobile integration projects. 

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