Fusing Appdome security features caused my app to exit

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What to check if your app exits after you fuse Appdome's mobile security features

Fusing Appdome’s Mobile Security Suite to your app shouldn’t cause it to crash. Depending on the security features you fused to your app, your app may exit based on the rules defined in the fusion process.  If that's the case, then this behavior is expected.  

Here is a list of the most common reasons your app will exit when the Appdome’s Mobile Security Suite has been fused to your app.

  1. URL Whitelisting. If you selected URL Whitelisting from Appdome’s Mobile Security Suite and the app tried to access a URL that was not on the allowed URL list, the app will exit to protect the user. If you would prefer to allow the URL, simply add the additional URL to the allowed list and re-fuse your app.
  1. OS Integrity Checks. If you selected OS integrity checks from Appdome’s Mobile Security Suite, and you are trying to open the app on Jailbroken or Rooted device, the app will exit to protect the user. AppDome has specific checks for jailbreak and root detection and does not allow the app to open on jailbroken or rooted device when this protection is enabled.
  1. Man-in-the-Middle (MiTM) attack detection. If you selected MitM detection from Appdome’s Mobile Security Suite, that feature ensures the communication channel used by the app is legit. If we cannot verify the signer of the CA with certificate validation, then the app will exit, to protect the user.  Another possible cause for this issue is that the server certificate is signed with CA that is not on the standard CA list installed on the iOS or Android device. In this case, please contact our support team so we can add it to our trusted CA list.
  1. Fusing the app triggered an anti-tampering or other security mechanism already in the app. You will need to first disable your application anti-tampering mechanism and after fusion is done, re-apply your anti-tampering mechanism over the fused app. Also note that Appdome provides its own anti-tampering mechanism which may render your existing anti-tampering mechanism redundant.
  1. If you altered the package after it was fused and signed it (e.g. changed bundle id, added files etc.).  Appdome’s integrity checks do not allow changing the package after the fusion process has completed and the app has been signed.  To correct, make the required changes on the .ipa before uploading it to the AppFusion platform. Once you do this, your app should fuse as expected.
In each case, and in most cases where a feature of the Appdome Mobile Security Suite has been enabled, the end user of the fused app will be notified prior to the app exiting.
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