Fusing Appdome's security features to my app didn’t work

AppFusion Troubleshooting and Tips

What to check if fusing AppDome's Mobile Security features didn't work

If you're having difficulty fusing features from Appdome's Mobile Security Suite to your app, there may be an easy way to resolve the issue.  Here is a list of the most common issues: 

  1. The app you uploaded to the AppFusion Platform is built for an operating system currently not supported by Appdome.
  1. We detected that you may not have the authority to fuse the app you uploaded.
  1. Fusing succeeded but the app crashes when opened. See “Fusing AppDome security caused my app to exit.”
  1. Fusing succeeded but I found unencrypted files inside my App’s sandbox. See “I enabled Data at Rest encryption, but found unencrypted files inside the app’s sandbox”.
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