Anti-tampering protections for my app

AppDome Mobile Security Snapshot: Advanced App Protection 


Protect your app from tampering

An app is a master piece. It is the summation of all of your hard work, design, testing, re-testing, customer feedback and more. You have created the best app you can, and now, someone can take it, change it as they see fit, replace its colors, schemes and make it do stuff you did not subscribe for. Sounds horrible right? Many apps today are tampered with, re-packaged, re-distributed and modified at will be malicious parties looking to either re-use your unique advantage, or harvest your users’ data by providing them with fake apps that look like yours. Appdome uniquely protects your app from being tampered with. By sealing your app and actively detecting modifications at run-time, we make sure no one can re-distribute your app and steal your thunder. 

Anti-tampering is part of the Appdome Mobile Security Suite. Anti-tampering falls under AppDome’s Advanced App Protection category.  Anti-tampering prevents modification to the app’s underlying logic and data structure by:

  • Encrypting application files, resources and assets
  • Detecting application logic modifications at run-time

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