Anti-reversing and code obfuscation for my app

Appdome Mobile Security Snapshot: Advanced App Protection

Protecting your app from Reverse Engineering with Code Obfuscation

Anti-reversing with Code Obfuscation is part of the Appdome Mobile Security Suite. Anti-reversing with Code Obfuscation falls under Appdome’s Advanced App Protection category.  Like all features in the Appdome Mobile Security Suite, users can select this feature, combine it with other features in the security suite, or select the entire mobile security offering form Appdome. 

Your code is yours. It is your Intellectual Property. Furthermore, you don’t really want people to be hanging around your code, right? Same goes for your app. From analyzing your app, an attacker or unauthorized person can understand what you do, how you do it and most importantly how to copy your IP, exploit it and re-use it. Appdome ensures the critical, sensitive areas of you master piece are protected from prying eyes. These areas are obfuscated (scrambled) so no one but you can understand what your apps does, and what is your secret sauce.

Appdome employs various obfuscation techniques for apps fused on the AppFusion Platform. The AppFusion Platform utilizes anti-reversing with code obfuscation to confuse and slow hackers so that they cannot ascertain how an app actually works internally.  The AppFusion Platform accomplishes this using multiple methods and techniques, many of which are unique to the industry.  For example, the AppFusion Platform will randomly add bogus elements to the fused app to make the app much harder to reverse engineer while incorporating string or value encryption.

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