Anti-debugging protection for my app

Appdome Mobile Security Snapshot: Advanced App Protection 


Protect your app with Appdome's Anti-debugging features

Anti-debugging is part of the AppDome Mobile Security Suite. Anti-debugging falls under Appdome’s Advanced App Protection category.  Anti-debugging provides protection from reverse engineering of the app, a popular hacking practice for which debug tools are often used to accomplish.  Like all features in the Appdome Mobile Security Suite, users can select this feature, combine it with other features in the security suite, or select the entire mobile security offering form Appdome. 

When you want to understand how apps tick, you often will debug them. Debugging code still remains the preferred way of understanding the logical and control flows of an app. Unfortunately, in the wrong hands, debugging can be used to make your app misbehave, expose user data or even be used for malicious purposes, all by attaching to your app, understand what it does, and use a debugger to modify its behavior at run-time. Appdome Anti-debugging protection prevents malicious parties from debugging your app, attaching to your code at real time, and understanding how your apps works. This way, you can be sure you app is much safer running on mobile devices. 

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