How does AppFusion integrate mobile SDKs to my app?

Integrate mobile service SDKs to your app


Appdome's AppFusion Platform is purpose-built to enable mobile developers and other mobile professionals to add mobile services and/or entire SDKs to mobile apps.  AppFusion is codeless, so you don't need to be an app developer and you don't need to write a single line of code to complete integrations.  You don't even need access to the source code to integrate services or SDKs with your mobile app.  There are no special requirements, skill sets, dependencies.  Simply put, this is mobile integration for anyone. AppFusion is cross-platform, and has no framework or development environment dependencies.  All you need to integrate features, services, or SDKs to your app are:  1. an app binary (.ipa or .apk) and an AppFusion account (which you can open for free, with no risk or obligation).  

Creating an account on the AppFusion platform is easy.  Once your in, the AppFusion Platform enables you to integrate 3rd party SDKs to your mobile apps such as those associated with EMM, MDM, MAM, analytics and engagement.  When you fuse a mobile SDK, you get all the functionality of the entire SDK integrated into the app, just as if you had integrated the SDK yourself at the source code level. 

All the SDKs’ components are fused to the application package. To do this, the AppFusion platform creates a fusion adapter and, in some cases, merges the original application resources with the SDKs’ resources in order to create a single coherent resource bundle.  This combined resource bundle can include both your app’s UI and the UI elements that are contained in the mobile service SDK.

For example, if the mobile SDK contains components that are required to run before the application loads (such as an EMM SDK that displays a provisioning screen) the AppFusion Adapter will orchestrate the app-SDK priority, so that the right component will be called before any other line of code of the original application.

The last stage of the fusion process involves sealing the .apk or .ipa by tamper-proofing the combined app-SDK package so that your awesome fused app stays awesome. The tamper-proofing includes a number of capabilities such as checksum verification, obfuscation, encryption, logic modification detection and anti-debugging. After this stage no further modifications are possible. Your original app, the fused services, the SDKs are now a unified and secure binary, which can’t be separated or modified. The fusion process is complete.

If you want to add other services or SDKs at a later time, you can always re-fuse your original app or an updated version of your app. Since the process is so quick, often measured in minutes, the impact on your development cycle is negligible.

Thanks for visiting the Appdome knowledge base!  We hope AppFusion is living up to our mission of simplifying your mobile integrations.  If you don't already have an account, you can sign up for free.  Happy fusing!  

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