When should I fuse mobile services to my app?

Fast, Efficient Alternative to Source Code Implementations


Fusing an app is ideal whenever you need to combine external services, such as mobile SDKs, to your app. Fusing an app is much easier than implementing an SDK the traditional way.  

The traditional way of implementing an SDK requires


  • Development resources
  • Access to source code
  • Writing the code required for the implementation
  • Working out dependencies in the environment
  • QA cycles
  • Code integration 
  • Ongoing maintenance 

Fusing an app requires nothing more than a compiled app binary and a few mouse clicks.  So, when you don’t have the development resources to implement an SDK, or you want to preserve service flexibility within your app, simply fuse your app.  Even if you do have the development resources, we suggest you let mobile developers build great apps.  Once they finish building a beautiful app, anyone can use AppFusion to complete mobile integration tasks on the AppFusion Platform.  That way, your developers don’t need to.

The best time to fuse a mobile app is after your development team has finished building a great app. One of the most powerful use case is to fuse a complete mobile SDK to the compiled app binary. Fusing an app requires no changes to the app at all.  Simply upload an .apk or .ipa file and select the services that you want to integrate to the app, and fuse away! If you have your .apk or .ipa file, it’s time to fuse your app.

A common use case for fusing an app is integrating your app with your company’s mobile management solution (EMM, MDM, MAM, etc.). You can also fuse additional security features to your app at the same time, to the same app binary. There really isn’t a bad time to choose to fuse your app. Deciding when to fuse an app with Appdome’s AppFusion Platform is not hard. Visit the site to begin fusing your app.

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