What is the AppFusion Platform?

A codeless platform to automate mobile integration 

The AppFusion platform is a cloud-based service that automates mobile app integrations. It is designed for use by mobile developers and mobile professionals (Mobile IT, Ops, LOB) to rapidly integrate new functionality and 3rd party SDKs & services to mobile applications – on demand, without coding. 


What are the key components of the AppFusion platform?

Once you create an account, you'll discover four key parts to the AppFusion platform:  

Mobile Integration Workflow - this is the primary interface that the user experiences interacting with the service.  It includes a step-by-step, intuitive workflow for uploading, fusing, signing, deploying and analyzing their fused apps as well as collaboration and productivity tools.  

App Library – this enables subscribers to upload and store an unlimited number of mobile apps in a stateful, private repository associated with each account.  The App Library allows users to use AppFusion to integrate any number of mobile services or Fusion Sets to those apps.  

Fusion workbench – this is where the user selects the services they want to fuse to a particular app and create Fusion Sets (saved combinations of fusion settings unique to each user) to apply to apps. The workbench is also where the user makes individual configuration settings, for example within our AppDome Mobile Security Suite.  Through the workbench, users can access Appdome's SecureApp Recommendations as well as several productivity tools such as FuseBEST, FusionGRAVITY, FusionBLAST, and more.  

AppFusion Catalog – this is where users commercial SDKs, all of which are available for use with AppFusion.
Thanks for visiting the Appdome knowledge base!  We hope AppFusion is living up to our mission of simplifying your mobile integrations.  If you don't already have an account, you can sign up for free.  Happy fusing!  

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